The premiere of Oubliette

Tired but happy and inspired dancers after the 2 premiere shows of Oubliette 😊

We wanted to thank you all for your presence, for keeping your fingers crossed, beautiful applause and kind words after performance. 🥹🥹

You are the best! 💚❤️💙

For our comapny it is only a begining. We are aware of how much work and effort (not only physicall one) is ahead of us and still we are willing to make theat sacrifice to develope and function in a polish dance system. We are not giving up! 💪🏻

Big thanks to Teatr Nowy Proxima crew for your hard work, hospitality, support and mostly for being open to the art of dance. 😍

Project accomplished thanks to finances from „Stypendium Twórczego Miasta Krakowa”.

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